Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sand Art

I began cleaning the nuts and leaves from the yard and noticed a line of nuts from the beach to the front building. Turns out someone had outlined a football field for their play time.

Dec. 2011

Then they decided to make this decorative design. I later discovered that there were two kids Michael J. (9) & Daniel J. (6) visiting from the mainland who were the culprits.

It's polite to take your slippers off when going into somebodys room . . . . yes, the beach is a room!

This art was created by Tenley S. (8yrs old) from Alaska

Feb 2011

Found on beach December 19, 2009

This is a flat leaf with a couple of rolled up leaves punched into it that were made into some sand art.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cleaning Cleaners

There have been a number of cleaners needed for the property in the last few years. If you are ever in a need to find one, here is a list of those that have successfully cleaned and currently enjoy working on the condos. You may also call me for a reference and I will forward to you the names, phone numbers and the names of those that they work for. This list is not in the order of best to worst or cheapest or most expensive. They are listed by room number for your easy reference.

Jill Lawrence & Da Merlander - HS#101,108,207 backup for HS#104, 204 Call 206-0539 or jilllawrence@hawaiianel.net

AA Affordable Cleaning - Charmaine Bouquette - HS#203

Butch or Brenda Lafrandre - HS#209 354-2073

Clean Hawaii - Call 554-6931 or Email at Cleanhawaii@hotmail.com

Jonathan & Maravic - HS#211 372-3715 or quiddaoens2001@yahoo.cm

Kanoelani Garcia - 754-292

Marsha White - HS#102, 107, 401, 402 & 405

Michelle - HS #502, 503 lead contact

Sharon Calton - HS #605 388-4151 or frek4jesus@yahoo.com

Stu Pannel - HS #308, 309, 505 or alohastu@gmail.com

Tania Yester - HS #502, 503 Home: 638-8370 / Cell: 497-0837 or t.yester@yahoo.com

These names and HS#'s on this list may change from time to time and/or if any of the cleaners make changes in their contact information, please let me know.